Water Treatment, Filtration, and Softening

In the Anoka county area we are all blessed with an abundance of water. However, a lot of our water coming from our cities or well water supply still needs a certain level of treatment to improve the quality of the water. Untreated water can cause rust stains on their plumbing fixtures, hard water spots on dishes, and even dry itchy skin.

HomeTown Plumbing is here to help. We offer a full line of quality Northstar water softeners, filters and water treatment systems to correct any issues and improve the water quality of your home or business.

Water Filters

Installing a whole house water filter can solve a lot of water contamination problems including removing the taste and odor of chlorine, and reducing lead, mercury, microbial cysts, sediment, and agricultural pollutants in you water. A whole house water filter is located on the main line before it enters your water heater which means that both the hot and cold water will be filtered. Not only will your water taste better, your laundry will be cleaner, and there won’t be potential pollutants on your skin when you shower. We service and repair all models, but we recommend NorthStar’s home carbon filter system.

Water Softeners

“Softening” water is the process of removing minerals such as iron and calcium from the water, reducing mineral buildup on sinks and tubs and removing the possibility of skin irritants. We install and recommend the locally manufactured Northstar water softeners, but we service and repair all makes and models.

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Properly treating your home’s water is important, and HomeTown Plumbing can help design and install a water treatment system that fits your needs. Call (763) 755-6886 or contact us online.
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