Drain Service & Repair

If you are experiencing drain issues, whether a clog or a needed repair, it might be time to call the professionals at HomeTown Plumbing. We have the know how and the equipment to repair any drain and clear even the most stubborn clogs.

Drain Repair

Have leaking or damage drains? Rather than trying to fix it yourself, opt for the convenience of having the professionals at HomeTown Plumbing repair it for you. Our technicians have years of experience repairing all plumbing problems including drains.

Drain Cleaning

Proper drain cleaning requires correct equipment and precise methods. At HomeTown Plumbing, we have all the tools necessary for drain cleaning from small hand snakes to large machines for sewer lines. No matter how bad your clog is, we have the tools necessary to clean your drain.

Hydro Jetting

As its name implies, the process of hydro jetting is using high pressure water to clean drains. This method is very effective for the toughest clogs and as an added benefit it also cleans the inside of the pipes. HomeTown Plumbing’s technicians are experienced in the use of these powerful jetters, so give us a call today and we’ll remove that stubborn clog.

Video Pipe Inspection

Before a sewer drain repair is done, a video pipe inspection should always be done to correctly assess the situation. The video pipe inspection tools we use are cutting edge and provide us with information on pipe location and depth underground in addition to allowing us to see exactly what inside the drain is causing the problem.

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Whether you need drain cleaning or drain repair, the experts at HomeTown Plumbing can take care of it for you. Call (763) 755-6886 or contact us online.
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