Sewer Camera Inspection to Detect Clogs in Blaine, Andover, MN & Surrounding Areas

When you know there’s something blocking your sewer line, but you can’t see it, what do you do? Call HomeTown Plumbing to come out and inspection your pipe lines with a video camera. Using the latest technology, our equipment allows us to take a peek inside your sewer system to see where the problem lies.

How Does Sewer Camera Inspection Work?

We drop a video camera down a sewer pipe so we can explore the insides to locate the problem It could be a clog, a cracked or broken pipe or a leaky septic tank. No matter what the problem is, we’ll find it with our plumbing camera.

What About My Yard?

Don’t worry! In most cases, we can get to the sewer line without having to dig up your yard or pavement. The video camera is attached to a rod that’s inserted into the pipe. We’re not sending a whole camera crew underground!

What Happens Next?

After we pinpoint the problem, we can take steps to repair it. If it’s a clog, we’ll be able to see how big it is and where it’s located. Using methods such as snaking or hydro jetting, we can break up the clog so that the pipes will flow freely again.

If roots are the culprit, we’ll break them up.

If we find pipes that are cracked or broken, we will take steps to repair or replace them with the best solution for your situation.

Some problems can’t be determined from an above-ground inspection, and that’s when you need the technology of a sewer camera, one of the many reasons to call the professionals at HomeTown Plumbing at 763-755-6886. We have the latest technology in solving your plumbing problems!

Why Choose HomeTown Plumbing?

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