Handicap plumbing fixtures may be necessary to install in your bathroom at home if you or someone else requires the extra assistance in the bathroom that handicap plumbing fixtures can provide. Handicap plumbing fixtures can also be helpful if you have arthritis or chronic back pain. These kinds of plumbing fixtures can help anyone move freely around the bathroom and live more independently.

Handicap plumbing is mandatory in all places of business that provide public bathrooms. Most modern buildings have handicap fixtures, but if you are doing a renovation on an old building, you may have to convert one of the bathrooms to comply with handicap accessibility codes.

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Whether you have a business that needs to renovate your building with handicap plumbing fixtures, or you just want to add some to your home to aid mobility, HomeTown Plumbing can help. Call (763) 755-6886 or contact us online.
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