What is an RPZ Backflow Preventer?

RPZ stands for Reduced Pressure Zone, and the purpose of the device, as its name implies is to prevent potentially contaminated water from flow back into your potable water supply. The RPZ device has a series of check valves that only allow water to pass in one direction, preventing backflow due to either increased pressure past the valve or reduced pressure on the supply side. This ensures the safety and purity of your drinking water.

RPZ devices are generally required in systems that have:

  • Irrigation Systems
  • Large boilers containing rust inhibiting chemicals
  • Sprinkler systems

How Often Do I Need To Have My RPZ Device Tested?

Law requires that RPZ devices be periodically tested, typically annually, to ensure they are functioning properly and protecting the potable water supply of the system. HomeTown Plumbing is familiar with all the local requirements and our highly trained plumbers are experienced in RPZ backflow testing. We’ll help you keep your plumbing system up to code and keep your drinking water clean and safe.

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